Management 3.0. Redefining Leadership

Management 3.0 Workshop

The world of work is reaching a new stage. Today's companies are a place of innovation where we need knowledge workers. This is a challenge for managers. Ability to work with their organization as a system that can be optimized to enable people's creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Management 3.0 is about exactly this. Management 3.0 provides the concept for this systemic style of leadership. Management 3.0 provides participants with new agile perspectives on classic leadership tasks and works with misconceptions and misinterpretations of traditional management. The focus is on a systemic view and the associated systemic leadership style. The topic "Management" is examined from the six perspectives "Energize People" (motivation), "Empower Teams" (delegation), "Align Constraints" (goals and culture), "Develop Competence" (competence building), "Grow Structure" (organization building) and "Improve Everything" (continuous improvement).

You get practical methods and tools that can be used immediately in everyday life.


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Who is this course for

The Management 3.0 workshop is intended for managers and people in leadership positions, senior and middle managers, C-level and founders, including Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, who want to improve the capability of their organization and create a unique environment in teams, departments and organizations - an environment that brings out the full potential of employees. Also intended for people responsible for introducing and establishing Agile frameworks and techniques in a team or organization.

Management 3.0 Workshop Formats

Fundamentals Online Workshop

12 hours. Online Remote Workshop.

Learn the basics of Management 3.0 in this interactive online workshop, additional content for working in remote teams. Try things out during the sessions and discuss what you've learned in the next session. The Fundamentals online workshop certificate of attendance alone does not allow you to become a facilitator yourself. In conjunction with Fundamentals Plus, it is possible to become a facilitator yourself.

Beinhaltete Themen: – Management und Leadership; – Erste Prinzipien; – Motivation; – Delegation und Empowerment; – Remote Teams; – Werten, Kultur und Besseres Feedback; – Change Management

Fundamentals Plus Workshop

1 day. Live in-person Class.

A face-to-face Fundamentals Online Workshop, covering important Management 3.0 topics that you have not yet discussed in the previous workshop. It was created for individuals who want to learn more about Management 3.0 and become a Management 3.0 Facilitator/Coach in the future. Fundamentals Plus Workshop Certificate of Attendance, does not allow you to become a facilitator yourself. After attending all Fundamentals Online sessions and in conjunction with them, it is possible to become a Facilitator yourself.

Beinhaltete Themen: – Lernen und Kompetenz; – Teams!; – Werten und Kultur; – Skalierung der Organisationsstruktur

Energizing People Workshop

4 hours. Online and In-Person Workshop

Dive deeper into motivation and engagement, learn how to get people to interact with each other and how to build trust between people. This workshop is designed to give you additional practices and a deeper understanding of the Management 3.0 mindset and practices. Energizing People Workshop Certificate of Attendance, does not allow you to become a facilitator yourself

Beinhaltete Themen: – Mitarbeiter Happyness; – Individuen und Interaktionen; – Belohnungen; – Skalierung der Organisationsstruktur

Foundation Workshop

2 days. Live in-person Class.

Two days of power workshop, live and in-person class. Experience theoretical and practical agile management, with a strong focus on tools. Interaction, discussion, exchange of experiences. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance for the Foundation Workshop. This qualifies you to become a Management 3.0 facilitator.

Beinhaltete Themen: – Management und Leadership; – Erste Prinzipien; – Motivation; – Delegation und Empowerment; – Change Management; – Lernen und Kompetenz; – Werten und Kultur; – Skalierung der Organisationsstruktur

Topics in course

Management and Leadership

Not only executives are responsible for management, but the entire organization. What are Different Management Approaches and what is Management 3.0? What are the six views of Management 3.0 and the definition of each view.

Leadership Principles

How principles relate to practices. 

The Management 3.0 principles: Improving the system; Managing the system, not the people; Engaging people and their interactions; Helping to delight all customers; Co-designing work.

What does complexity means.


The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and which of them is more important in the Management 3.0 context.
The ten motivators of the CHAMPFROGS model: curiosity, honor, acceptance, mastery, power, freedom, relatedness, order, goals, and status.
Why is it important to motivate people, what is the need for motivation?

Delegation and Empowerment

A complex system cannot be managed from a central node, so what is the better approach? What is delegation in organization and how to deal with it?

Values and Culture

How to define values and get different behaviours and results. What can be the effects of culture?

Competence and Learning

What is needed to help each other to develop competencies. How do you measure competency development? How do you know if investments in competence development are paying off?

Organisation Scaling

There is no perfect organizational design. You need to find the balance. What is true agility in an organization, when is an organization truly agile?

Change Management

Why are some people afraid of change? Different models you can use to make change happen. - How much change can organizations handle?

Remote Teams

What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote teams? What are the implications for managers and leaders when working with remote teams? How to make remote teams successful.


Key components for successful teams. Team decision models. How a manager or leaders can support a team in becoming self-managing.

Worker happiness

In a Management 3.0 system, we believe that happy employees end up achieving more. What are steps to being happy?

Individuals and Interactions

How can you create a system where relationships between people grow and
interaction increasing without the direct involvement of managers and leaders?


The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and what to look for in Management 3.0. How involved should managers and leaders be in deciding rewards and incentives and why?

About the certification

Management 3.0 workshops are associated with "Certificate of Attendance". 

All participants who attend one of the Management 3.0 workshops and complete a feedback form at the end of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance. 

To earn a Management 3.0 Facilitator license, participants should have attended a two-day in-person Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop or Fundamentals Online Workshop AND Fundamentals Plus In-Person Workshop and received Certificates of Attendance from "Foundation Workshop" or "Fundamentals Online Workshop" and "Fundamentals Plus Workshop" Certificates of Attendance accordingly.

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