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Agile Team Facilitator


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Agile Team Facilitator

Effective facilitation of team, group and organization events is a powerful tool for any Coach and Scrum Master. Facilitation is a key skill required to foster collaboration and enable self-organizing teams. In this workshop, we will focus on the mindset and role of an agile team facilitator. We will learn effective facilitation techniques on how to get the most out of your events. Techniques that can be used for designing engaging meetings that drive towards outcomes. At the end of the course, you will have an updated toolkit and practical experience that you can use back in your workplace to facilitate agile practices.

Included in the course:

       2 days training
     ●  50+ Tools and Techniques! 25+ Different Case Studies! Tools and tips that will help you in the next meeting!
     ●  Pictures of all flipcharts and materials created during the class.
     ●  ICAgile Professional – Agile Team Facilitation certificate

Take aways

You have gained a clear understanding of facilitation principles, tools and practices. Learned about the role of the Team Facilitator. Spent time with engaging exercises, discussions and learning from the trainer's personal hands-on experience using a large number of real-life examples!

After the training, when they return to your workplace, you will be able to....

  • act as a facilitator for your team
  • make your next events different and more valuable
  • use facilitation to help your teams deliver value and achieve results
  • use numerous tools and instruments to make events more valuable

About the assessment and certification

Agile Team Facilitator    ICAgile

This course is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agile Team Facilitation track. After successful completion of this course, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agile Facilitation (ICP-ATF). This continuing education certification is a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Expert-Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), the competence-based certification.

There is an ongoing assessment throughout the class as well as a practical assessment at the end of the course that you will need to pass. As long as you have demonstrated competence, that you have understood the learning objectives and you do not miss more than one hour of the course - you will receive the certification.

Topics covered in the course

Practice: 25+ Different Case Studies! 50+ Tools and Techniques! Resourses and Examples! Tools and Tips what will help you at the next meeting! We aim at "doing" and not at
Development in Agile Coaching: From team member to facilitator and team coach. What is Agile Coaching and what level does facilitation take in Agile Coach development?
Agile Team Facilitator Mindset: Purpose, mindset and functions of a facilitator. Principles of an effective facilitator. Self-awareness, self-management, neutrality, group awareness, group process, and conveying openness and enthusiasm. The dynamics of group decision making.
Effective Facilitation Framework: Important guidelines to enable effective facilitation. We will learn frameworks and artefacts needed to bring meetings and retrospectives to a completely new level.
Difficult Dynamics: Are there difficulties in the meeting? What to do when it gets difficult, with pressure and resistance? When the team is too young or too mature? How to deal with difficult dynamics.
Start as a Facilitator: How to prepare, how to organize the room, in person or remotely. What tools and techniques are available.
Agile Meetings: We will learning about Agile Events. What are the goals and principles of Agile Events. We will learn how to take Agile Events and Retrospectives to a new level.

For whom is this course

The ICP-ATF course is designed for people who want to get the most out of their team. Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Team Members, Project Managers and anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of facilitation. For anyone interested in helping teams get the best possible results. Our facilitation training is right for Scrum Masters, Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, IT/Development Managers, Test Managers or Scrum Team Members if you:
  • want to step into the role of a Scrum Master.
  • Participates in various events and finds them boring
  • Engage as a facilitator
  • Would like to work as an Agile Coach or Team Facilitator
Retrospectives, Sprint Plannings, Reviews, Daily Scrums, Team Kick Offs and Start-ups. Meetings and events can be better. Learn how!

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Our Trainers are Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) by Our trainings are Official Professional Scrum Trainings

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50 %

We have a 98% pass rate. Even after the training, we are there for you if you have any questions about the application of your learning in the workplace.


Our ratings range from 8.5 to 10 (best score: 10) with an average score of 9.3.

What our students say...


Best teacher!

The class gave me everything I hoped for and more, it helped me gain a working understanding of SCRUM and the role of the Scrum Master and I hope to return to Yevhen to further my knowledge of the subject matter one day.


Very interactive and good teaching style

Yevhen thought a lot during the two days of the coruse. I really appreciated his interactive lessons with many real world examples.


Yevhen is a super Trainer

Yevhen is a super sympathetic trainer. There is no frontal teaching, but the material is taught through practical exercises. Highly recommended.

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