Live Virtual Classes

Have you wondered what it's like to learn remote?

Live Virtual Classes

You have always taken part in very interactive In Person Trainings? Liberating Structures, Training from the Back of the room, Learning 3.0, Collaboration on Flipchart and Whiteboard, Interactive Games and Face 2 Face experience. And now you're wondering if all of this can even be done remotely? How can you experience it all in front of the screen? 

The remote world is different the in-person, but there are pros and cons in both worlds. Imagine the same interactive training - with Liberating Structures, Training from the Back of the room, Learning 3.0, collaboration on flipchart and whiteboard, but from the comfort of your home. Without traveling and packing suitcases, without booking hotels and additional costs. Wake up relaxed at home, have lunch at home and after the training is over there is no long drive back.

How do we make this experience a success?

Video conferencing tools like Zoom, MS Teams etc....

Trainers and students with video. We can all see each other well and interact. Talk, write, use hand signals or interact together with sticky notes.

Breakout Rooms and small teams work

We use "breakout rooms" to do Liberating Structures, discussions, teamwork, and interactive exercises. This gives us the feeling of sitting together in a corner of the room. Participants can move from room to room, just as they would in an in-person training setting, looking around and talking to other teams. And, of course, the trainer is there for you!

Virtual whiteboards and flipcharts

As working tools we use Miro, Mural and concept boards. There are lots of interactive exercises, close collaboration, teamwork in small and large teams. Sticky notes are used, we show pictorially and write along... just as if we were all together in a room in front of the flipchart - only with "Undo" feature....

New trainer work

Our trainers also adapt to provide you with the best experience and maximum value.

They work interactively and communicate with you, explain on the flipchart and get a discussion going. Even the important trainer communication tool of body language can be taught virtually!

Breaks and stretch minutes

We do not sit in front of the screen all the time! There are several short breaks to relax and get a coffee,tea or other drink of your choice.

Own tools in your company?

Do you have your own tools? Would you like to try out your own tools? Our creative trainers can work with you to find a solution to get the best Live Virtual experience.

What else?

All the methods you see can also be implemented for working with your teams in your company. You will not only learn content on the selected topic, but also how to work effectively remotely!

How to prepare?

  • Pick a quiet, well-lit and comfortable space where you can participate without interruptions.
  • A stable Internet connection is important. A download speed of at least 20 Mbit/s is sufficient.
  • Avoid using video or music streaming services in parallel.
  • Make sure your webcam is functional and you have enough light in the room. Also clean up anything in the background that you may not want to display.
  • Test your audio and microphone. so that it is synchronized with the webcam. It is best to use a headset or headphones.
  • Several tools are used during class such as Zoom and Miro. None of the tools require installation or licensing, but we recommend installing Zoom App. If you use a browser, it is best to use Google Chrome.
  • Block your calendar for the duration of the course and enable your Out of Office notifications.
  • You will receive an email from our trainer before the course with all important information for optimal preparation.  

What to expect?

  • Our virtual training is a mix of interactive group exercises. You will interact with each other throughout the class. Be prepared to turn on your webcam as we learn in collaborative breakout rooms and tools. 

  • There are several small breaks during the day as well as time for lunch. Please resist the urge to take calls and read and answer emails.

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