Books and Readings Recomendations

to deepen your knowledge!

We are on a mission to help individuals, teams and organizations become better versions of themselves. To do this, we present a lot of interesting materials, information, books, webinars, workshops, etc. You can access them from anywhere!

There are many opportunities to learn something new and get better ...

  • “Mastering Professional Scrum” (Stephanie Ockerman, Simon Reindl)

  • “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” (Gunther Verheyen)

  • “Agile Project Management with Scrum” (Ken Schwaber)

  • “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team” (Patrick Lencioni)

  • “Peopleware” (Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister)

  • “Drive” (Daniel Pink)

  • “Coaching Agile Teams” (Lyssa Adkins)

  • “Scrum Mastery” (Geoff Watts)

  • “Agile Retrospectives” (Esther Derby)

  • “Software in 30 Days” (Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber)

  • “The Professional Product Owner” (Don McGreal & Ralph Jocham)

  • “Crossing the Chasm” (Geoffrey Moore)

  • “The Lean Startup” (Eric Ries)
  • “The Elements of Value” (Almquist, Senior, Bloch)

  • “Product Mastery” (Geoff Watts)

  • “Scrum Product Ownership” (Robert Galen)
  • “User Stories Applied” (Mike Cohn)

  • “Impact Mapping” (Gojko Adzic)

  • “User Story Mapping” (Jeff Patton)
  • The Principles of Product Development Flow (Donald Reinertsen)

  • “Actionable Agile Metrics” (Daniel Vacanti)

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